January 3 - Feb 28 2015



Colin Christian "Teeth" 2014

the exhibition features an illustrated catalog

with texts by Kris Kuksi, Allison Meier and Samuel D. Gliner

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Top 10 Hi-Fructose Posts of 2014 7: Colin Christian’s “Trypophobia” at Stephen Romano Gallery



The Babes of Trypophobia


Colin Christian "TRYPOPHOBIA" at Stephen Romano Gallery


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科林·克里斯蒂安 - “密集恐惧症”


Colin Christian’s Trypophobia at Stephen Romano Gallery




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Colin Christian "Alive" 2014

January 6 2015, Brooklyn NY - Stephen Romano Gallery is very pleased to announce a one person exhibition of a new series of works by one of America's most innovative and highly collected artists, COLIN CHRISTIAN : "TRYPOPHOBIA" .


Colin recently won great acclaim for his massively scaled contribution to the exhibition "Hello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty" at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.


Colin Christian is a seminal figure and influence in the POP SURREALISM movement of today's artists. He cites his primary influences as the 1968 French - Italian Roger Vadim film "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, 1960-70's design, and Science Fiction and Avant Garde Fashion.

Colin Christian "Parasitic" 2014

Colin has exhibited his works all over the world including exhibitions in London. Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome, New York, Tokyo, and has maintained a steady visibility at important art fairs such as Art Basel Miami and the Metro Show New York. Colin's art has been published in Spectrum, Hi- Fructose and Juxtapoz magazines. He is included in many well known private collections including Mark Parker, CEO of Nike, and King Dotcom, as well as MOMA Vienna. In 2009 Kanye West commissioned Colin to produce an artwork for his "Glow in the Dark" tour



Colin Christian "Mass" 2014


TRYPOPHOBIA is from the greek τρύπα, "hole" and φόβος, "fear", the pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes. Seminal investigation of trypophobia, a biological revulsion rather than a learned cultural fear, reveals that a primitive portion of the brain associates the shapes with something dangerous. Clustered holes made individuals state that they felt that their skin is crawling, shudder, feel itchy, experience panic attacks, sweat, palpitate and feel physically sick. The Reeaction behind the phobia is an unconscious reflex reaction, an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus.

In terms of existential symbolism, a hole is a package of nothing, a conspicuous manifestation of non-existence surrounded by existence, the physical occurrence of the two most fundamental metaphysical categories side by side. As such, it raises the ultimate question: Why is there anything at all rather than nothing?



For further information and visuals, please contact Stephen Romano at romanostephen@gmail.com or 6467094725.

About Stephen Romano Gallery

Stephen Romano Gallery is a new addition to the Brooklyn art gallery community, having opened its doors in April of 2014. Prior to opening the current gallery, Stephen Romano was a private art dealer for 15 years specializing in masters of self-taught and visionary artists such as Henry Darger, Martin Ramirez, Charles Dellschau, Bill Traylor, Darcilio Lima, and many others. The Gallery's most recent exhibition "Mysterium Cosmographicum" was well received and reviewed.

Stephen Romano has been a participant in many including PULSE and The Metro Show.

In 2013, Stephen Romano produced a seminal 330-page monograph on visionary artist CHARLES DELLSCHAU designed by Marquand Books and distributed by DAP. The book generated several positive reviews from a wide variety of publications such as Bookforum, Raw Vision Magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, Antiques and the arts and Design Observer among many others. With an introduction by Stephen Romano, the book features the final published essay by renowned art writer Thomas McEvilley, as well as contributions from the founder of The Museum of Everything, James Brett, and the curator of Smithsonian Museum of Aerospace, Thomas Croutch. In the same year, Romano also published the first ever post-mortem retrospective catalog of works by and most recently a catalogue of a previously unknown photographic series from 1925 by "A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft," with an introduction by A.D. Coleman. Most recently, Stephen Romano Gallery had the honor of publishing a catalog of works by artist Pavel Kraus with an essay by David Ebony, as well as a catalog for Chinese artist Lu Zhang with essay by Robert C. Morgan. The latest offering is a full color color catalof of the TRYPOPHOBIA exhibition by Colin Christian with texts by Kris Kuksi, Allison C. Meier and Samuel D. Gliner.

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